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Megan ♦ 25 ♦ from Germany ♦ Single

Halloween addict ♦ visit my blog halloween-scream.tumblr.com

- owner of 2 melanistic garter snakes: Damon and Spike

- owner of 2 betta boys: Domino and Harou

- owner of 2 cats: Merlin and Gizmo

naughty but nice

I appear to be just a quiet, shy girl which loves nice and sweet things, but I'm also fascinated by dark and horrific things. I'm like day and night, good and evil!

- 3 tattoos

- 7 piercings

I'm a mystery no one completely understands!

Visit my crafts blog! I won’t post much on it, but I’ll post all the cute things I’ll ever make and maybe some nice tutorials too :)

Look what came in the mail today :)
Now I can start making my own dresses 😀

Merlin loves to sleep like that when I’m watching my fish! (I know it’s a weird position to sit XD)


*points at a boy* that one i want that one

(via bitter-notbetter)

Clyde is guarding the eggs!
Please please please let me have fry this time!