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- owner of 2 melanistic garter snakes: Damon and Spike

- owner of two fish tanks a betta boy named Domino

- owner of 2 cats: Merlin and Gizmo

naughty but nice

I appear to be just a quiet, shy girl which loves nice and sweet things, but I'm also fascinated by dark and horrific things. I'm like day and night, good and evil!

- 3 tattoos

- 7 piercings

I'm a mystery no one completely understands!

My African dwarf frog definitely ate too much thawed bloodworms!
U a little fatty!!!


Ancient Path through the Clouds (15)

©buron - May ‘14

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lokisladymischief asked:

Hii! Just wondering how did you make the loki helmet?

Hey :)
At first I used this pepakura file, after that I strengthened it with papier-mache and fiberglass resin. Right now I’m working on smoothing the horns with putty. If the result is good I’ll start forming the rest of it with fiberglass resin and putty ^^
It’ll take ages until it’s done xD

I’m pretty satisfied of how this turns out. Right know the helmet is very top-heavy because I only worked on the horns so far.

You know you watched a movie way too often when…

… you can repeat every sentence in two languages 😋

5 facts about me

I was tagged by fuckingthemonotony Thank you! :D

1. I’m single for nearly 5 years!

2. I’m living alone with my pets!

3. My favorite tea is Earl Grey!

4. I absolutely adore Tom Hiddleston!

5. I don’t want to have children!

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I love rain and thunderstorms 💙