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anxious - depressed - emetophobic - lonely


Hobbiton’s Ancient Roots | ©Leah Ballin  (Rainforests of Hobbiton Lake, Pacific Rim National Park, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada)

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My parents brought me a nice gift from the Netherlands. A vintage compass with shells, wood and sand from the beach l. All in a cute glass!



Ennis Creek waterfall, Olympic National Park, Washington (by augen)

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Been playing with this concept for a while.

I love this. So much.

this should be posted everywhere

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Anonymous asked:

Your advice is great thank you so much. I live in Greece and we have plenty of veggies and fruits here so it's going to be easy! Another thing uf I want to eat lunch what would you suggest?

You’re welcome :)
Well that’s not easy, because I have no idea what you like, but I suggest eating something healthy. So no sweets and too fatty meals. Makes sure the meal is not too big (no overeating), take your time to eat (your stomach will feel full after about 20 minutes, no matter how much you eat), eat something you like. Include lots of veggies and fruit for dessert.
It’s also good to drink about 8 glasses of water during the day. :) It’ll boost your metabolism!
Have a nice day. I’m here if you have any more questions!

Anonymous asked:

Hi I read about you losing 2 kilos from last week. That's great. Congratulations! I was wondering if you could help me like tell me what you were eating or if you were working out. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Thank you :)
Sure! At first I have to say that I ate super unhealthy before (lots and lots of sweets, no veggies and fruit). I was sick of gaining weight, but I had a normal weight for my age and height! (and still have)

Well for breakfast I normally eat oatmeal with yogurt and honey, topped with fruit, chia seeds and nuts. I really advice you eating chia seeds. They’ll provide you with a lot of nutritions and keep you full for a longer time!
I don’t really eat lunch. I eat veggies, fruit or almonds during the day.
For dinner I like to eat avocado with one or two slices of bread. Sometimes I also like to eat chicken with gently roasted veggies!

I didn’t really work out. I’m unemployed so I am at home most of the day, but I started taking walks.
Oh and I think it’s important to mention that I DON’T count calories!

I hope I could help you. Feel free to ask if you want to know more!

shukiai said: That’s awesome! Keep up the great work! :)

Thank youuuuu :D I’m so proud of myself ^^


I’ve lost about 4.4lbs (2kg) since last week only by eating healthier (not less)!

I know that’s not much, but I rather lose weight slowly than gaining it back later!